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Costume Accessories - Jewelry

This sub-category of our Halloween fancy dress costumes and accessories store is for costume accessories - Jewelry. There are currently 55 products for you to choose from.

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60's Choker And Wristband

60's Choker And Wristband - Jewelry Costume Accessories
B) Perfect for wearing with that mini dress or tye dye outfit. Very popular in the 1960's. Multi color choker and wristband set....

Price: $0.96

Necklace Class Ring, Budget

Necklace Class Ring, Budget - Jewelry Costume Accessories
This is an excellent buy if you need a lot of them....

Price: $1.53

Peace Emblem Necklace And Earring Set

Peace Emblem Necklace And Earring Set - Jewelry Costume Accessories
B) Necklace with peace emblem and earring set....

Price: $4.28

Garter sequin

Garter sequin - Jewelry Costume Accessories
This comfortable, secure and stretchable Garter sequin is covered with an elastic band of sequins....

Price: $4.38

Necklace Love Beads

Necklace Love Beads - Jewelry Costume Accessories
Love beads are one of the traditional accessories of hippies. They consist of one or more long strings of beads, frequently handma...

Price: $4.52

Beads with Shot Glass

Beads with Shot Glass - Jewelry Costume Accessories
The Mardi Gras Beads with Shot Glass have gold beads with a purple plastic shot glass that is attached. The shot glass is decorate...

Price: $4.57

Jumbo Sign Gold Beads

Jumbo Sign Gold Beads - Jewelry Costume Accessories
33in long hand-strung necklace with gold dollar bill sign shaped beads....

Price: $5.34

Beads 33 inch 7.5 Mm Gold

Beads 33 inch 7.5 Mm Gold - Jewelry Costume Accessories
Best price and selection in the industry. From Mardi Gras to your special event..truly the best beads available. Each card has 6 s...

Price: $5.64

Choker sequin

Choker sequin - Jewelry Costume Accessories
The splendid choker is stretched with glittery sequins....

Price: $5.80

St Patrick's Day Beads

St Patrick's Day Beads - Jewelry Costume Accessories
Come with one (1) 36 inch long green beads. Made of lightweight plastic with metallic green finish that say ''Happy St. Patrick's ...

Price: $6.07

Kiss Me I'm Irish Beads

Kiss Me I'm Irish Beads - Jewelry Costume Accessories
Each letter is attached to the string which will fit around your neck. It also has green shamrocks on the beads to enhance the fee...

Price: $6.07

Congrats Grad Beads

Congrats Grad Beads - Jewelry Costume Accessories
A great party favor for your favorite graduate's celebration or for the graduate themselves! Spells out ''congrats grad'' in beads...

Price: $6.07

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